Ethiopia- Suke Quto – Organic – Filter Coffee 250g


A Single Origin Filter Roast From
Guji, Oromia region, Sidamo – Ethiopia. 250g

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Flavour notes: Jasmine, Citrus, Peach

Farm: Suke Quto

Cultivars: Ethiopian heirloom

Producer: 68 smallholder farmers

Origin: Guji, Oromia region, Sidamo – Ethiopia

Altitude: 1800-2200masl

Process: Fully washed, wet fermented, dried on raised beds – organic

Suke Quto is a producers association in the Guji zone in the Oromia reigon in Sidamo. The washing station and millwas established in 2005 with the vision to work with sustainable and environment-friendly coffee farming practices. The coffee trees grow in the shade of the natural forest canopy. It is a sustainable way to produce coffee since it is allowed to grow naturally alongside other plants that keeps the soil and wildlife diverse and healthy.

The coffee is first washed with spring water and then mechanically pulped. The mucilage is removed by wet fermentation that lasts between 36-72 hours depending on weather. The coffee is then dried on raised African beds for 9-13 days.

Initially the farm was only 5 hectares big but over time it has grown to over 290 hectares. A bushfire destroyed large parts of the forest on and surrounding the farm and many locals were forced to start growning corn and teff on the land. This led to soil erosion and left the land barren after a few years. Tesfaye Bekele, the manager of Suke Quto, came with the idea to distribute coffee- and shade-tree-seedlings. The members then started replanting the forest and when the trees started producing cherries they brought the coffee to the Suke Quto farm for processing.