Colombia- Finca La Secreta Anaerobic – Filter Coffee 250g


Single origin coffee from Antioquia, Colombia. 250g


Region • Antioquia
Altitude • 1 700 – 2050m
Preparation • natural anaerobic
Farm Size • 30ha Varieties
Soil type • Red/brown soil
District • Ciudad, Bolivar
Varieties • Caturro, Castillo, Colombia
Owner • Cafelumbus
Processing • Washed
Irrigation • Natural rainfall

Finca La Secreta was acquired by Cafelumbus in 2019, to be a part of the portfolio. Juan Carlos Mejia is the manager of this farm, he lives there with his family and is looking after the 130.000 coffee trees planted there. The farm is 30 hectares wide, from which 25 ha are planted in coffee and the other 5 ha are natural reserve. The natural reserve of this land is beautiful and is the home of various animals and vegetal species. There is nature for protection of water, which is also a supplier of water resources for the “Vereda Ventorrillo”, the zone where the farm is located, this is what makes this farm so unique, rich and bountiful in nature, this makes it somewhat mystic and secretful, that is why cafelumbus called it: La Secreta.